Saturday, October 24, 2020

Portable Adjustable Work Benches

bpwb-1  bpwb-2

Specifically designed for heavy loads, Verti-Lift offers a complete line of Portable Adjustable Work Benches in Manual (Hand Crank or Foot Pump) and Electric (push button). These units incorporate the portability of an adjustable work platform, and are ideal when transporting heavy loads from work cell to work cell. Whether the objective is operator ergonomics or transferring a load from one work area to another, the

Portable Adjustable Work Bench provides optimum maneuverability and flexibility.


Simply roll the Work Bench into the work cell and begin to raise the unit. As the telescoping legs begin to extend, the unit becomes stationary to the floor, safely allowing the operator to bring the product and load to the desired ergonomic work height. When finished, the operator simply raises the legs allowing the wheels to engage the floor, and the operator can simply move the Portable Adjustable Work Bench to another work cell or on to the next process.

pawb-man3 pawb-man2 pawb-man1


  • Actuation: Manual / Electric
  • Capacity: 500lbs – 6,000lbs
  • Platform Size: 36” x 48” – 60” x 96”
  • Vertical Travel: 8” – 18”
  • Voltage: 12V / 24V / 110-1-60