Saturday, October 24, 2020


upender325-1   upender147x250V   upender325-2

Verti-Lift manufactures a complete line of Hydraulic Upenders to accommodate most industrial needs. 
Our 90-Degree Upenders are ideal for the safe re-positioning of pallet loads and odd shaped objects such as rolls or coils.  Conveyors and V-Cradles can be mounted to the platform to assist with pallet, crate, and roll or coil positioning. 

Typical applications where Upenders are found include:
button  Pallet Inverting
button  Coil Handling
button  Roll Handling

The Verti-Lift Hydraulic Upender Series Features:

button  0-90 Degrees Tilt Angle  button  Hold-down Tabs on all four corners  button  Heavy-duty Cylinders 
button  A/C 110 volt, single phase (standard) amp draw 15(+) amps 
Standard Hand Control for lowering/raising tilt


upenderc1-150 upenderc3-150 updenderc4-150 upenderc2-150 upenderc5-150

Foot Control button Oversized Platforms button V-Cradles button Roller Conveyors button Accordion Skirts button Remote Power Units  button  PLC Controlled