Saturday, October 24, 2020

Turn Tables

The Verti-Lift Manual Turn Lift Table is designed to enhance operator ergonomics and productivity, by reducing the necessity to reach across, or walk around a load.  These units are ideal in applications that require Pallet Loading or Pallet Unloading.  90° to 180°detents can be added to increase operator efficiency.

The Manual Turn Table Series Features:
circle  Heavy Duty Construction     circle     4,000# Load Capacity     circle     Low Profile     circle     1/2" Thick Platform  
circle  Lifetime Lubricated Kingpin Bearings

turntable table

Type of Load Being Handled
Determine the type of load that will be handled (Pallets, Wire Baskets, Boxes, Corrugated Steel, Crated or Bound Products, etc.)

Platform Size/Dimension
The dimension of the rotating top based on the application requirements.  The platform top can be round or square/rectangular as standard.

Load Capacity
Determine the amount of weight that will be evenly distributed and centered across the turn table platform.  Please account for additional fixtures mounted to the platform.

Required Rotation
Determine the amount of rotation necessary.  Will the unit require detents/stops at the 90-180°position?

Lowered Height
Determine the height of the turn table.  Lowered height can change with the inclusion of a sub base, fixture mounted to the platform top, or other option.

Units can be floor mounted, stand mounted, or scissor lift mounted.

circle Floor/Stand/Scissor Lift Mounted circle 90° or 180° Detents circle Conveyor Mounted to Top