Saturday, September 19, 2020

Pneumatic Tilt Tables

pneumatictilt1 pneumatictilt2 hand control pendant

Verti-Lift’s complete line of heavy duty industrial Pneumatic Tilt Tables are 100% air actuated and can be used anywhere plant air is available. These units are ideal in applications where hydraulic equipment (oils and fluids) is prohibited. These units require less maintenance than electric hydraulic units with no direct electrical connections, control boxes, or hydraulic cylinders.  The Pneumatic Tilt Tables feature 30 degrees of tilt and 8" lowered height.

The Verti-Lift Pneumatic Tilt Series features:
button  Integral flip up maintenance safety bars  button  Heavy duty industrial air spring  button  Hand control pendant station  button  Lifetime lubricated bushings  button  30 and 45-degrees of tilt  button  8" lowered height

pneu tilts table

pneutilt425-1 pneutilt425-2


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