Saturday, October 24, 2020

Standard Duty Lifts

The Verti-Lift Standard Duty Series Scissor Lift Tables are very economical, heavy-duty design, built to increase operator ergonomics and productivity.  With vertical travel ranges from 24” - 60” and capacities from 2,000-6,000 pounds, these units will meet all of your application requirements.

The Verti-Lift  Standard Duty Lift Series Features: 

circle   Internal Power Units    circle   Heavy Duty Cylinders   circle   Safety Maintenance Blocks   
circle   Standard Hand Controls  
circle   Lifetime Lubricated Bearings   
circle   Heavy Duty Tubular Legs 

circle Accordion Skirts circle Oversized Platform circle Platform with Beveled Edges circle Pit Mounted circle Portability Package circle Turn Table
circle Detent Stops circle Tilt Table Mounted to Lift circle Conveyor circle PLC Controlled circle Foot Pedal Control circle External Power Unit
circle High Cycle